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Welcome to the all new PressClub.Com, we are currently evaulating community platforms for PressClub. You are looking at a WordPress implementation for now, though we are also testing several other powering options, we expect to move this site to an ImpressCMS based site soon and later to our own proprietary platform, as sadly despite some really good changes to WordPress, it won’t do the job for us at this time.

When Johannes Gutenberg introduced the first commercially successful printing press around the mid 1400s, he started a revolution that brought an entire industry to life. In creating a way to easily form movable type characters in metal, for the first time in history Gutenberg provided, at a reasonable cost, a vehicle for people to both express themselves through the written word and reach huge numbers.

Today, a variety of media sources from newspapers to Internet exist, but at the root of it all was the modern printing press. But over the past few years, the Internet have given us yet another revolution in press… the ability for anyone to get involved with a global venue for delivering their own messages, blogging.

PressClub.Com was originally conceived as a central portal for press people to find a place on the Internet they could call home – a place separate from the bloggers before the name blogger existed – a place for press professionals to gather and a single vehicle to allow these professionals to communicate with others in their field.

We’re taking that idea a whole lot further with PressClub and how it helps the Internet community by providing links to all kinds of press related sites (pro and other). We hope you join in this new press revolution, because, after all, any club is only as good as its members.


Top Press Club Destinations
The Washington Press Club
The French Press Club
Club suisse de la presse (The Swiss Press Club)
Press Resources (coming soon)
Press Releases (coming soon)
Press Jobs (coming soon)
Cool Press Stuff
Alltop We recently ran into this interesting press aggregation site, which we think is worth a look, if for no other reason than because of the people involved.

2009-01-07 – This week I had an opportunity to attend a Community Solidarity Gathering for Israel in Denver.  I’ll have more to report on that remarkable meeting which offered perspective on life in Israel for citizens who remain under the constant threat of terrorist rocket attacks by the Hamas regime.

Knight’s News Challenge The Knight News Challenge is a contest run by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which has earmarked $25 million over a five-year period. – As much as $5 million will be given away this year. Anyone can apply.  We did, the good folks at Knight apparently did not see enough value in our project (all the entries seem to have been taken down).  A news paper foundation focused on projects relating to online press and not a good match… who knew?

News Aggregation
Google News – An original vision for PressClub
Yahoo! News – Yahoo’s version
Live’s News – Microsoft’s version
Alltop – A new way to do page aggregation
Our Blog Indexing site – We could not resist
WordPress – An Original Blog Revolutionary
Local City Reporting Project
PressClub.Net – Our Press Club Network

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